​Startup Neederland has developed a rack for full-size headphones TrueStand

Neederland, a startup that creates various office supplies from high-quality materials, has introduced a new product — the universal TrueStand headphone stand. The peculiarity of the rack is that you do not need to hang the headphones on it, but insert the cups into special recesses.

According to the company, its invention will help out all owners of full-size headphones: a soft foam base will allow you to place almost any model in the rack, protecting it from accidental damage. There was also a place for the cable.

Neederland TrueStand

Special emphasis was placed on the materials involved. The manufacturer said that the accessory is made to the highest “aerospace and automotive standards”. To date, the startup has offered a TrueStand rack with aluminum and carbon coating of two types. Regardless of the version, the rack is equipped with an anti-slip base.

In addition, Neederland noted that their rack can be washed and it is not afraid of falling.

Recently, Neederland launched a Kickstarter campaign: you need to raise almost 4,000 euros, but half of the amount has already been raised. Crowdfunding will end on February 18. For 67 euros, you can get a basic version of the rack in aluminum. Racks with carbon fiber coating cost from 89 euros. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in May around the world.