Budget TWS earbuds Koss TWS150i: Bluetooth 5.0 and charging case for 25 hours

Koss TWS150i in-ear headphones are completely wireless and compatible with most modern mobile sources. The headphones received a Bluetooth 5.0 module with a range of up to 10 meters.

According to the company, TWS150i will be able to play music for about 5 hours non-stop if the volume is turned to medium. The included case with indication will give approximately 25 more hours.

Koss TWS150i

Special attention was paid to the fact that the headphones received the function of sound alerts. It is also worth noting that the TWS150i model is able to display the battery level on the smartphone screen (only for iOS).

Koss TWS150i

Koss TWS150i headphones are available in black. The model is equipped with silicone tips.

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