CH Precision unveils Flagship L10 Preamp and Externally Powered M10 Amp

Swiss semiconductor audio manufacturer ch precision sàrl, known for its series 1 amplifiers, has announced another flagship series of amplifiers — with an index of 10. In the short “table of ranks” of the company, new products are even higher than the products of the series 1.

Both models are dual-module (a separate power supply is allocated in a separate case). This is an L10 linear preamp and an M10 power amplifier. For speakers with a resistance of 8 ohms, the latter produces 300 W RMS in stereo mode and more than 1 kW RMS in bridge mono. It can also be used in two-way amplification. Both new products can interact with the models of the series 1, although the best option is still the joint work of the L10 and M10.

CH Precision L10 Preamp and Externally Powered M10 Amp

ch precision said that every aspect of their design has been rethought for the 10 series amplifiers. They received new boards with even shorter signal paths and improved component placement. The M10 terminal provides a more precise global feedback setting (0-100% in 1% increments), and the L10 functions have a choice of local or global feedback.

The M10 power amplifier has received a new topology of input stages. Power supplies were also optimized and the mechanical grounding system was improved. externally, the models of the 10-series are similar to their predecessors-however, they will receive not one, but three trim colors. The standard blue-gray will be complemented by champagne gold and graphite gray.

CH Precision L10 Preamp and Externally Powered M10 Amp

As for prices, an official document available on the CH Precision website says that in US currency, the L10 dual-body preamp in the minimum configuration costs $73,000, and the M10 power amplifier costs $93,000.

In addition, they will be available at a trade-in discount for owners of Series 1 models. The new products are scheduled to appear in the first quarter of 2021.

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