Dirac and OSM Group to create next-generation headphones

The merger and cooperation was announced by the Swedish company Dirac, the creator of sound processing technologies, and OSM Group, a manufacturer of headphones and other audio equipment. The goal of the new alliance is to create headphones that will demonstrate, in the words of the two companies, “a significant leap in the evolution of audio technologies.”

Dirac will play a key role in the new project. The company intends to integrate their algorithms is not in the playback device, but rather directly into the chipset of the headphones. It will work in two directions: creating a spatial sound and optimizing the operation of drivers.

Spatial audio from a conventional stereo signal in future innovations will generate the patented Dirac Dynamic HRTF algorithm. Optimization also refers to Dirac’s patented digital technology for correcting the amplitude-frequency and pulse characteristics of the sound.

According to the company, Dynamic HRTF will improve the sound quality in the listener’s perception without the use of expensive audio technologies and components. As a result, the sound should become cleaner and more balanced, with a richer and denser bass.

All these technologies will be included in the OSM Group products, which the company will offer for release to global brands.