Eltax Monitor PWR 1959: two tweeters and a classic mid-century design

The French company Eltax (founded in Denmark in 1959) turned to the roots and released vintage speakers Monitor PWR 1959. These are massive floorboards in an old-school form factor with a dual phase inverter port on the front panel.

The belonging of these speakers to the “old school” was emphasized by two identical inch tweeters in an almost horn design with a Central “bullet”. They are located on the sides of the 6-inch midrange, under which is placed a 15-inch bass speaker. Both drivers received the pulp and diffusers.

Eltax Monitor PWR 1959

According to the manufacturer, Monitor PWR 1959 works out the frequency range of 30 Hz-22 kHz with an unevenness of ±3 dB and demonstrates a sensitivity of 96 dB/1 W/1 m. The last parameter is worth paying attention to the owners of tube amplifiers. Eltax recommended that PWR 1959 be powered from 30 to 250 watts.

Eltax Monitor PWR 1959

Eltax Monitor PWR 1959 received cabinets made of MDF, reinforced with spacers and finished with walnut veneer. The speakers have already gone on sale, in the UK they cost 900 pounds per pair.

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