FiiO unveils FH5s in-ear headphones in 2DD 2BA configuration

FiiO has announced the release of the FH5s hybrid 4-driver headphones. The novelty inherited design elements of the FiiO FH5 model three years ago, but now one of the reinforcement drivers has given way to dynamics. The result is a 2DD 2BA configuration – with two dynamic and two reinforcing emitters.

For the low-frequency range in the FH5s, a speaker with a large 12-mm membrane with a beryllium coating is responsible – according to FiiO, it develops a magnetic field with an induction of 1.5 Tesla. A smaller speaker (6.5 mm) works at midrange – also with a beryllium-coated diaphragm. A pair of Knowles 30017 rebar covers the high frequency range.

The manufacturer announced the cable connection of the novelty on coaxial MMCX connectors. This means complete freedom to choose a cable or even a cabled Bluetooth module. However, it is clear that the main purpose of the FiiO FH5s is to be paired with a high-definition portable audio player (DAP). FiiO has not yet disclosed details about the standard cables for FH5s – however, as well as the cost of the new item.

More information should appear at the April FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd., where the company will talk about its 2021 products. The FiiO FH5s headphones are slated for release in May.

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