Long Time No See: Portable CD Player with Bluetooth

Since cassette tapes have begun to regain popularity, especially in portable format, maybe CD players will make a comeback despite the disastrous drop in disc sales?

Apparently, the developers of Long Time No See, a portable CD-player with Bluetooth support, decided so. According to them, if our generation, addicted to streaming, will lose the Internet in an instant, and the songs we like are removed from the public domain, we will be left without music, and therefore we should not forget about physical media.

Long Time No See

The player itself has a transparent matte casing, through which the installed disc and boards are visible. At the ends there are five controls: buttons for starting and stopping playback, next and previous tracks, stop and volume wheel.

Long Time No See

A magnet is built into the case, which allows you to fix the player on vertical metal surfaces. You can connect the player to both wired and wireless headphones – there is Bluetooth 5.0. The kit also includes a module with a speaker that connects to the player itself.

The player reads CD / CD-R / CD-RW, CD-MP3 and even HDCD, but outputs in the classic 16 / 44.1 format. There is an anti-shake function. The player receives power from batteries or AA batteries, you can use the MicroUSB port for recharging.

Now a project from NIMM Lab is raising money for production on Kickstarter: with a goal of HK $ 100,000, Long Time No See account has almost 300,000. The player can be purchased for HK $798 ($102) – with a bluish or completely transparent body.

There are 29 days left until the end of the campaign.

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