Meridian Audio products are certified Works with Sonos

Meridian Audio has announced that its devices are now fully Sonos compatible and certified “Works with Sonos”.

Anyone with a Meridian music device can now stream music to them through the Sonos app, where dozens of online services can be combined. Meridian appliances will automatically wake up and change source (input) when you play music in the Sonos app.

For the system to function properly, you need to connect the Sonos Port / Connect to the Meridian 218/251 controller. In the Sonos application, you must select the Sonos product you are using (Port or Connect) and set the “Pass Through” operating mode. When properly configured, the bundle should provide constant signal transmission in the highest possible quality.

It is worth adding that Meridian devices can be grouped alongside Sonos speakers. You can create such zones in the application. Meridian also stressed that the streaming signal from the Sonos app will always undergo additional Meridian processing: jitter elimination, upsampling, apodization.

Barry Sheldrick, head of sales for Meridian, said the partnership with Sonos will enable customers to offer high-quality sound while offering easy “familiar” control through the Sonos S2 app.

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