Phasemation DG-100 demagnetizer will restore proper operation of transformers and MC cartridges

The Japanese company Phasemation has proposed a device called the DG-100. It is a degausser (demagnetizer) that is able to restore the operating parameters of step-up transformers and MC cartridges with iron cores. The fact is that for various reasons, after long-term operation, the iron cores in these devices magnetize – and then their parameters inevitably deteriorate.

The demagnetizer is connected to the output of the device through the output gold-plated RCA connectors and supplies a signal with a frequency of 440 Hz to it (why the note “A” was chosen for demagnetization – the developers did not explain). Within 20 seconds, the demagnetizing signal decreases exponentially to zero – the demagnetization is complete.

Phasemation has strongly warned against using the DG-100 with air core MC cartridges and optical cartridges. You can also try to demagnetize MM cartridges, but the needle must first be removed from them. Naturally, the transformer or cartridge must be disconnected from the amplifier before demagnetizing.

The cost of the DG-100 demagnetizer has not yet been published.