Primare will release an updated streamer NP5 Prisma Mk2

The NP5 Prisma network player appeared in the Primare catalog in the fall of 2019. Recently it became known that the manufacturer decided to update the device: a new modification of the NP5 Prisma Mk2 will receive improved circuitry and increased performance due to a new high-speed microprocessor.

Reportedly, the company decided to update the existing model due to a fire at the AKM electronics factory. The first model NP5 Prisma with the previously used chip and circuitry will no longer be released.

The appearance and functionality of the Mk2 streamer will not change – the new product will differ from the previous modification only by a sticker with the designation “Mk2”.

Among other things, it is already known that the recommended retail price of the NP5 Mk2 will be “slightly increased”.

As a reminder, in January NP5 Prisma streamer received Roon Ready certification.

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