SeaWave Acoustics AM45 flagship speakers: two horns, an open baffle and a PEP light bass module

The South Korean company SeaWave Acoustics has released the AM45 four-way horn floor speaker. “AM” in the title stands for Alive Music. The degree of liveliness is evidenced by the numbers: the frequency range of 20 Hz — 35 kHz, the novelty works out with an unevenness of ±2 dB with a sensitivity of 94 dB.

It is clear that such acoustics with dimensions of 480×1 360x780mm cannot be completely horned. This acoustic design was received only by the drivers of the two upper frequency bands — a one-inch super tweeter with a membrane made of Korean Hanji paper and a 2inch tweeter with a titanium membrane. The 5, 6, and 8inch “upper middle” and “lower middle” speakers are available in the Open Baffle version.

SeaWave Acoustics AM45

The lower frequency range in the AM45 is handled by an 11-inch woofer. The separate body of the bass section (essentially a subwoofer) is made of PEP light plastic. This material even surpasses the density of silumin (an alloy of aluminum and silicon) AC4C, from which a similar box in the SeaWave Plotinus acoustics is made. Aluminum die casting proved less cost effective for cabinets of this size.

According to SeaWave Acoustics, the company’s engineers have managed to cope with the “family disease” of both multiband and horn systems. This is indirectly evidenced by the uniformity of the frequency response. The AM45 managed to match all the emitters in time – from low to ultrahigh frequencies. For greater purity of sound, the internal 6N OCC copper wiring in the speakers is connected in a Non-solder ideology.

SeaWave Acoustics AM45

SeaWave Acoustics recommended using AM45 amplifiers with a power of 20 to 5,000 watts. AM45 speakers weighing 125kg each are available in the colors “gold and black rose”, “red and black”, “blue Poseidon and sea beach”, ” green (dark forest and olive)”.

The cost of the SeaWave Acoustics AM45 floorboards in the United States was $136,000.

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