Sivga Phoenix Open-Back Dynamic Headphones Review

Sivga Phoenix is the latest model of full-size open-back dynamic headphones from a fairly young Chinese brand of Hi-Fi audio that has quickly burst into the market with a range of headphones that are loved by many users for their excellent value for money. We have already tested one of the brand models in the classic headphone setting (dynamic losed-back) – Sivga Robin SV021, and were extremely pleased with the build quality and sound of these headphones. This time the review is one of the top models of the brand. And now it’s a quite rare type today – a dynamic open-back. Let’s see what Sivga offers for $299 that Phoenix costs.



Sivga Phoenix Package

The Sivga Phoenix comes in a box made of dense cardboard. The information is minimal, on the back there are technical specifications and contact details of the manufacturer.

Inside the box a very convenient hard case with a zipper. At the bottom of the case there are small feet that allow it to stand steadily on any surface. The case also has a comfortable leatherette handle on a carabiner for easy carrying.

Inside the case – Sivga Phoenix headphones and a fabric pouch with cables. The whole set fits completely into the case, which is quite practical.

In the Box:

  • Sivga Phoenix
  • 3.5mm to dual 2.5mm fabric braided cable
  • Adapter 3.5mm – 6.35mm
  • Cable pouch

Design and Features

Sivga Phoenix

The Sivga Phoenix are open-back headphones and look pretty standard at first glance. Headphones consist of a stainless steel headband, with a leather lining, which is regulated separately by special clamps.

It is worth noting here that the size of the adjustment of the leather headband is enough back to back even for an average head, there is no stock. The manufacturer reports that all structural parts and fittings are processed with CNC aircraft aluminum and, accordingly, are subjected to sandblasted surface oxidation. The build quality and feel in the hands do not raise any questions, everything is assembled perfectly.

The bowls are attached to the headband with a metal hinge and a C-shaped mount. The hinge is slightly offset from the center of the headband and has a small stroke. To be honest, such a design is used quite rarely, it is difficult to single out any special advantages of this solutions, in any case, it is still as convenient as any other design in this price range.

Sivga Phoenix stainless steel grille

Because these are open-back headphones, the entire back of the ear cups is a stainless steel grille with silver trim.

Sivga Phoenix Zebrawood cups body

The base of the bowls is zebra wood. The combination of metal and wood is always a winning option, and the Sivga Phoenix is no exception, it looks really good.

The earpads are made of leatherette and partly of skin-friendly velvet. They have a memory effect and a slightly beveled shape for ergonomics. The size is well chosen, even a large ear fits completely inside and feels very comfortable.

Sivga Phoenix Earpads

Despite the slightly unconventional design of the cup mount, the Sivga Phoenix feel extremely comfortable. The combination of high-quality materials, thoughtful ergonomics and low weight (296g) allow you to listen to music for hours without fatigue.


Sivga Phoenix Driver

An interesting feature of the Sivga Phoenix is the specially designed 50mm drivers. According to the developers, this is an exclusively developed polycarbonate ultrathin diaphragm with a 3mm thick high-performance rubidium iron boron magnet. As state Sivga, these driver features should provide a wide background, good separation and clean layers of sound.

At the same time, the driver should provide a clean background without noise when the music is stopped, and be filled with brightness and naturalness during playback, at least that’s what Sivga claims. Looking ahead, we note that this is a really great solution with its unique sound signature and amazing sound quality in general.

Stock cable

Sivga Phoenix Stock Cable

The cable is exactly the same as in the Sivga Robin SV021 we recently reviewed. This is crystalline copper base with cloth shielding. On the headphone side – 2х2.5mm, on the source side – 3.5mm. The cable is 1.6m long, and only non-standard 2.5mm jacks can cause questions, otherwise this is a good cable.

Sound Isolation

Since Sivga Phoenix have an open back type, they should have poor sound insulation, but in practice there is practically no difference with ordinary closed-type headphones, while playing music, for example, there is no difference at all. Well, during the time when the music is paused, you will hear the environment a little better, there are no problems here.


Sivga Phoenix

As soon as you start listening to Sivga Phoenix, you immediately understand that this is not something standard from what you listened to before. Open dynamic headphones are not a very popular design for some reason, but listening to Sivga Phoenix you understand that it is the open type that gives them some special lightness and richness of sound delivery at the same time. The sound is saturated with micro-details and resolution of a fairly high level throughout the entire dynamic range. The stage is wide and correct, the separation of instruments is excellent, the overall sound delivery is rich and juicy. The frequency response is generally flat with a slight accent in the medium ranges, while the highs and lows are always in their place and there is no lack of them.

Low frequencies

It’s a pleasure to watch how Sivga Phoenix serve the bass lines. The bass is tight and collected, with bright attacks and proper decays. The speed of low range is pleasantly surprising, there is no rumble or dirt. To test the low range, it is best to listen something from Jaco Pastorius. You will be surprised how his fretless bass suddenly acquires new overtones, density and speed are simply mesmerizing. Tight and wide, bright and detailed bass delivery. Great job Sivga.

Mid frequencies

The mid range is musical and warm, with pleasant and dense presentation. The open design affects the stage quite a lot, the virtual space is just huge and wide. The upper mids do not tire your ears, you can listen to music for a long time without interruption. The instruments are well separated and quite realistic in terms of timbre, the detail in the range is excellent.

High frequencies

The High frequencies perfectly balance and complement the overall picture with their naturalness and lively presentation. Percussion and cymbals sound tight and airy at the same time. Positioning in space is one of the best in its class.


Sivga Phoenix is the rare case when the headphones make you listen to your entire media library again, discovering new facets of the records you know well. Truly bright, rich and perfectly balanced sound with the widest stage and best in its class positioning of instruments in space. One of the main advantages of Sivga Phoenix is their pronounced airy and natural sound signature. We want Sivga not to lose this uniqueness and continue to develop it in its new models. “Our choice”

Sivga Phoenix Specifications

  • Driver – Dynamic
  • Type – Open-Back
  • Driver Diameter – 50mm
  • Impedance – 32~15%Ohm
  • Frequency Response – 20Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity – 103dB~3dB
  • Weight – 296g

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