TempoTec Sonata HD Pro review

TempoTec Sonata HD Pro is an advanced version of the already well known Sonata HD. TempoTec made many changes: installed a dedicated audio chip CS43131 (unlike HD version where just the codec), added DSD support, provided a replaceable cable and all this in an compact package and with low power consumption. At the same time the price is more than affordable – $44.78 on Aliexpress.

Accessories & Packaging

Tempotek HD Pro comes in a black cardboard box inside which is a metal case. The packaging is exactly the same as in HD version, only larger.

Package include: Sonata HD Pro, Adapter (female type-c to male USB-A), Hi-Res logo sticker, OTG cable (micro-usb to type-c).

DAC has two versions: for iOS and Android, in our case, the Android version with a type-c cable.

Design and features

The device is incredibly small in size and has a nice metal body. It also has a smart shutdown feature. That is, when you take out the headphones, the device automatically turns off, and when they are found in the jack, it turns on. This is not a tricky mechanism at first glance seems redundant, but in fact gives good savings on the battery your smartphone.

There are two plastic buttons for changing the volume. Moreover, you can also change the volume on your smartphone. That is, you have two volumes, on your smartphone and on DAC, which we change using the buttons on the DAC body. One of the disadvantages is the lack of support for headset remotes. In the HD version, it was. The device consumes extremely little energy, only 5V 0.02a, apparently this avoids any heating of the body. Good engineering. Do not forget that the device works great not only with smartphones, but also with the desktop. When using on Windows, you do not need to install anything, the system downloads everything automatically.


Sonata HD Pro sounds extremely smooth, its presents the softest vintage borders clearly and sharply, without any further embellishment. Probably, one could call the Sonata HD Pro analytical. That is, despite the clearly outlined neutrality of the presentation, the music in sufficient quantities contains emotions, musicality, and very good expression.

In detail, the model is fine. Of course, there is no particular bias in super-detail, but all the nuances of sound production in the field. The scene is built correctly, the tones are easily recognizable and located in their places. Although the DAC plays without any frills, it is accurate and correct. Low frequencies are deep and textural, medium ones are based on a good basis and easily develop towards higher frequencies.


Obviously, there are no competitors in the Sonata HD Pro segment. We can definitely recommend this device in the price range of 40-60$. Sonata HD Pro is a significant improvement over the previous version on all counts. Native volume control, replacement cables, auto power off, the lowest power consumption ever, support ASIO, DSD and all this for pretty affordable price. In its category, an excellent DAC.

Specs comparisons with Sonata HD


You can buy TempoTec Sonata HD Pro on Amazon or Aliexpress.

Official site http://www.tempotec.com.cn/

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