Audiosense DT100 Review: New Chinese tuning

Today we will talk about a new and very interesting budget model with single unit balanced armature from a well-known chinese manufacturer – Audiosense DT100. In this model, the manufacturer does not chase marketing tricks and does not try to surprise us with the number of drivers, which are often quite poorly matched by many manufacturers in this price range and as a result, have a bad effect on the sound in general. DT100 is a honest and in many ways fresh solution. Add to this the typical Audiosense attention to design and you get a really interesting product, which is exactly what the DT100 is.



The Audiosense DT100 is delivered in an updated package, with a color print with the headphone image. The back shows the characteristics and contents of the box. Package Includes: Audiosense DT100 Headphones, IEM carrying case, 6 sets silicone ear tips, Silver plate Oxygen free Copper Cable and Instruction.

The kit is standard for this price range and contains everything you need.


Audiosense DT100

Headphone cases are relatively small. They are cast entirely in clear blue acrylic and look great. It seems that the manufacturer wanted to present the design of the model as a kind of jewel, and it should be noted that this impression does not stop you when you hold the Audiosense DT100 in your hands.

Audiosense DT100

The entire surface of the earbuds has special anatomical curves that allow the earbuds to sit literally as if they were poured into your ears. The workmanship is of the highest level.

Audiosense DT100

The print poured into the outer part of the headphones continues the idea of some kind of jewel, it can be related to the artistic component of the jewelry in different ways, but it looks quite organic with the design and general presentation of the Audiosense DT100.

Audiosense DT100

All contents of the earphone are clearly visible. We can have a good look at the new balanced armature from Knowles from all sides.

Audiosense DT100

The sound guides are quite thin, have a noticeable bend, are covered from above with a metal plate with holes, instead of sides at the end, the sound guide expands a little, which allows the ear pads to hold well.

Audiosense DT100

Above the body are MMCX connectors and next to one expansion hole.

The stock cable is almost the same with most Audiosens models, and many other Chinese manufacturers. This is the well-known 8 strands, 19 core Silver plate Oxygen free Copper Cable.

In general, the cable is very well made, it is quite thin and at the same time bends well. We can only note an extremely tight connection with headphones, this problem was observed with previous Audiosens models. However, for many users, this can only be a plus, the reliability of the connection has not harmed anyone yet.


Audiosense DT100: Convenience

As we already mentioned above, the Audiosense DT100 fit perfectly into any ear, be it a large male or a small female, here it is up to the selection of ear tips. Noise canceling is at a high level, you can stay in the headphones for quite a long time without any fatigue. As always, the ergonomics of Audiosense are simply at an incredible level. Five Stars.


Knowles Full Frequency Balanced Armature
Knowles Full Frequency Balanced Armature

Each IEM is equipped with a new balanced armature from Knowles, which has an unusual shape. The fact is that the sound guide is located at the new emitter, not as usual from the side, but on top. Unfortunately, the model number of the new emitter is not listed anywhere. It should be noted that these are the first headphones of the Audiosense where such unusual emitters are used.


The shape of the new Knowles emitter is far from the most unusual that the new Audiosense DT100 have, the sound and its new tuning are much more interesting here. The overall sound of the DT100 can be described as very dense, well-coordinated and coherent. At the same time, Audiosense DT100 does not try to be detailed and accurate at all, but rather fill the entire space with warm and massive low frequencies, rather dense mids, and noticeably cut and smoothed high frequencies. This creates a completely comfortable and holistic sound, but also lacks many audiophile delights. Here you will hardly have to enjoy the squeak of fingers on the string and the sighs of the backing vocalists in the intervals of the tracks. The main idea of the new tuning is somewhat different.

It should be noted right away that there will be a lack of high frequencies for a demanding listener, not so much in quantity but in their quality. The length and resolution of HF are far from ideal. Here you will either have to get used to such a high-frequency feed, or try to find a source that will allow you to open this range and breathe new facets into it. Our main DAC/The amplifier for this segment of the Earmen TR-amp is a fairly honest device, and here it shows in all its glory how the sound tuning of the new Audiosense DT100 is actually positioned – not for connoisseurs of high frequencies.

Low frequencies have a noticeable accent. The detail here is average, the instrumental separation is slightly above average, the texture of the low frequencies is a little blurry. Sub Bass is dense, massive and noticeably rounded. Mid Bass is weighty, bodily but cannot provide good speed – this is the new tuning of the Audiosense DT100. And in fact, this is not bad, we can say that the entire range of low frequencies is very organically tuned and combined with the overall sound DT100, a rather interesting setting, we have definitely not listened to anything like this in this segment before.

In the new Audiosense DT100, we liked to listen to electronic styles, light acoustic music, smooth jazz or classic rock – it will also be good. Something fast and sharp like Stevie Ray Vaughan is already getting a noticeable smudge, the guitar starts to get lost in the middle and does not allow you to enjoy the brilliant sparks that SRV knocks out of his guitar.

However, the general consistency of ranges and unusual sound presentation, amazingly makes you listen again to all well-known your tracks and finding something new every time. An unusual and long forgotten feeling for this segment and price.


Audiosense DT100

Audiosense DT100 turned out to be quite unusual, so they are not suitable for everyone. First of all, they are not suitable for demanding audiophiles due to their lack of speed in certain ranges and instrumental separation. However, Audiosense DT100 does not pretend to be someone who can please such a segment of users.

But if the detail level and emphasis on the high range is not so important to you, at the same time you don’t listen to heavy and fast instrumental styles, they may well be a great choice for you. Also, it is definitely one of the most beautiful models in this price range. Do not forget about its unique sound presentation, if you have listened to many models in this price range, the Audiosense DT100 will definitely surprise you, and perhaps it is this unusual sound tuning that you will like.

Audiosense DT100 on official Audiosens store on aliexpress.


DC Impedance: 18ohms
Sensitivity: 106±3dB/mW
Frequency response: 20Hz-22kHz
Plug Type: L Bending Mornitor
Plugs: 3.5mm connector
Pin Type: Silver Plate Copper MMCX Connections
Cord Length: 50“/125cm
Cable type: Detachable cable-8 Strands 19core Silver Plate Copper Wire

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