SME Model 60 Turntable Gets Modified SME 5A Tonearm

The next flagship player of the British company SME will receive the designation Model 60 (now, Model 30 is considered the oldest). The SME Model 60 Turntable will be equipped with the SME 5A tonearm, a proprietary design known since 1984. The letter “A” indicates differences from the original SME 5, which is released as before.

The tonearm received a tube of decreasing section, familiar to the 5th model, in the same design of the “Reuleaux triangle” (with convex sides). The material of the tube differs: aluminum is replaced by a composite based on synthetic resin. This, according to SME, improved the anti-resonance properties of the novelty. The tonearm will not be sold separately – this is the company’s policy.

In the corner “towers” of the housing, characteristic of the company’s turntables, modified vibration isolating elements were used. To dampen any unwanted resonance, the main bearing housing is dampened in silicone. The adjustable legs on which the “towers” rest are also vibration-decoupled from the rest of the structure with inserts made of a special polymer.

SME Model 60 Turntable will be equipped with an updated main controller unit, and the mains power transformer will receive a separate case. The player will be released in several finishes. Silver or anodized black aluminum surfaces can be considered standard. For an additional fee (10-15% surcharge on the price), a silver “diamond” finish is available, which is applied by hand. In addition, the color option is not excluded – blue.

While a release date for the SME Model 60 turntable has yet to be announced, it has already been priced at around $66,000 in the US.