Wilson Audio LōKē – the brand’s most compact subwoofer

LōKē (with these letters) – this is the name given to the smallest subwoofer of the American brand Wilson Audio. With dimensions of 35.2 x 52.7 x 55.2 cm, the novelty will easily find a place in any interior. At the same time, Wilson Audio LōKē received quite solid branded electronics. On board is a double proprietary ActivXO subwoofer crossover with all the main functions – not only frequency adjustment, but also cutoff steepness, and, of course, level. A ten-inch LōKē driver provides the subwoofer with a low frequency limit of 30 Hz.

Wilson Audio LōKē

The Wilson Audio LōKē cabinet is made from the company’s signature “extremely damped” composite X-material and comes in no less than 21 color finishes that can be completed with four different grill designs. Finishing has 3 gradations – standard, Upgrade and Premium Pearl. Their choice seriously affects the price.

Wilson Audio LōKē

This compact subwoofer was originally designed to work with Wilson Audio TuneTot bookshelf speakers, although it is possible to interact with Yvette, Sasha AW or SabrinaX acoustics. But for such Wilson Audio models as Alexxa V and Chronosonic XVX, LōKē is no longer suitable -. However, the parameters and adjustment options make the new product compatible with a variety of speakers from a variety of manufacturers. Like other Wilson Audio models, the Lōkē is handcrafted in Provo, Utah, USA.

Wilson Audio LōKē

In the UK, the Wilson Audio Lōkē subwoofer starts at £9,000 in standard trims and goes up to £11,000 in Premium Pearl colors.

Wilson Audio LōKē Specifications

  • Woofer 10 inch Woofer (25.4 cm)
  • Amplifier Power 500 watts
  • Frequency Response (Amplifier) 20 Hz to 250 Hz (+/- 1 dB)
  • Effective Piston Area 21.75 in^2
  • Effective Displacement 33.42 in^3
  • System Weight 110 lbs each (49.9 kg)