Audio Hungary has announced a tube integralnik Qualiton X200

The “tube” Hungarian company Audio Hungary is ready to release the integrated amplifier Qualiton X200. It will add to the Qualiton Classic series, which already has two models: the Qualiton APX 200 stereo power amplifier and the Qualiton APR 204 pre-amplifier. The novelty will combine their capabilities in one universal device.

To do this, it would be logical to simply combine the APX 200 powerplant and the APR 204 preamp, but Audio Hungary stressed that the Qualiton X200 was developed from scratch, without using the usual cliches. At the same time, its input switching is still similar to the APR 204. a Set of unbalanced RCA inputs (including the input of the built-in Phono corrector) is supplemented by a pair of balanced XLR inputs. In addition to the line output, the Qualiton X200 also received a subwoofer output.

The X200 is ready to work with 8 or even 4 Ohm acoustics. It can be used as a preamp or, conversely, a power amplifier. They also provided an output for headphones.

Audio Hungary Qualiton X200

The X200’s wideband analog input stage is combined with a kt120 tetrode terminal amplifier, which can be replaced with the more powerful KT150. The balanced scheme allowed to reduce the level of own noise.

The amplifier is equipped with a BIAS control and adjustment module on the front panel. There is also a rotary input selector, volume encoders and a two-band tone block. The classic” lamp ” layout of the Qualiton X200 is complemented by its block diagram printed on the back of the case.

In the near future, Audio Hungary promised to provide full information about the Qualiton X200 — obviously, the price of the new product will be announced at the same time.

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