Apple explained the principle of operation of the power saving mode Apple AirPods Max

According to the initial press releases and the first tests, it seemed that the Apple AirPods Max headphones needed a case in order to switch to low-power mode — otherwise, the already small battery, which lasts for a maximum of 20 hours of operation, would continue to be spent, since the headphones do not have a turn-off button.

However, Apple explained that the case is an optional element. The headphones automatically switch to low-power mode five minutes after you stop using them — even without a case. In the case, the headphones will go even into a more serious power-saving mode after 18 hours, which disables Bluetooth and the function of searching for missing devices.

For devices without a case, this mode will be disabled after 72 hours — the period has been extended specifically in case of theft of headphones. However, there is still no way to completely turn off the headphones.

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