Neitsch Console I: Modern Stereo Console with Luminous VU meters

The idea of ​​reviving the stereo console came to Alexander Neitsch’s head after watching the Mad Men series again. After two years of development, the project was finally shown to the world. According to the description, the Neitsch Console I turned out to be beautiful and sounding good.

As Nietzsch himself said, the pandemic forced us to spend more time at home, and at the same time rethink our attitude to those simple things that bring us pleasure – for example, listening to music. “We want an audio system that takes us beyond the four walls when we close our eyes, and pleases the eye when we open them,” Nietzsch explained. These are the tasks that his console is said to do.

Neitsch Console I

The body is made of African mahogany and finished entirely by hand. Housings of the amplifier and acoustics are made of MDF and are inserted into a common housing. The acoustics are built on the basis of careful calculations, the speakers are coaxial with a 6.5-inch mikapolymer midrange / woofer module and an inch silk tweeter. They play in the 58 Hz to 22 kHz range.

The phase inverters are located on the front panel next to the speakers. The back of the acoustic enclosures has been additionally treated against vibrations and reflections: high-quality acoustic foam has been added to the outside of the rear wall of the console.

Neitsch Console I

The amplifier operates in class D and delivers 50 watts per channel. Of the inputs in the standard version, only RCA is available; additionally, you can add a line input and a phono input.

The front panel contains volume, low and high frequency controls, as well as volume meters highlighted in amber. The device, as befits a console, turned out to be large: 127x30x31.75 cm, excluding legs 40.5 cm long.

Neitsch Console I

Now the project has launched a Kickstarter campaign: Nietzsch wants to sell five consoles for $3,500 each, and with the proceeds to start further production, if there is a demand for it. As a result, the project needs to raise $15,000 over 21 days, delivery in the US will be free, the console will be sent to Europe for $500, and to the rest of the world – for $1,000. For an additional $100, the buyer’s name will be engraved on a plate that will fit on all consoles in the first batch. However, so far no one has purchased the console.