Canton Townus new music and movie speaker series

German speaker manufacturer Canton has unveiled the Townus series for music and cinema. The series offers six models: floor-standing Townus 90, shelf/rack Townus 30, center channel acoustics Townus 50, wall-ceiling Townus 10, Atmos-module AR5 and subwoofer Townus 12 Sub.

Canton Townus

The title of the series combines “Taunus” and “Town”. Taunus is a region of Germany rich in natural beauty, where the company was founded in 1972, and the second word is translated from English as “city”. According to the manufacturer’s idea, the philosophy of the new series should be expressed in combining the spirit of a modern city and nature. The company noted that all Townus speakers are equipped with modern technological components, and the appearance of the speakers turned out, as intended, classic, elegant.

All speakers are based on Titanium midrange/woofers, designed to provide dynamic and bass sound with powerful mids. Tweeters are made on the basis of alumina ceramics.

Canton Townus 90

The top model Townus 90 is made in a three-way configuration and is equipped with 174mm woofers, the same midrange and 25mm tweeter. The speaker plays in the range from 20 Hz to 40 kHz, the rated power was 150 W.

Compact speaker Townus 30 received one woofer and tweeter, which should cope with the range from 38 Hz to 40 kHz. The central speaker of Townus 50 has 154 mm midrange / woofers and a tweeter in the center. The wall-mounted 10th model received a 154 mm woofer and a tweeter. Modules for Atmos sound are built in a similar way, but the emitters are located at a special angle.

As for the subwoofer, this active system has a 12-inch main radiator and a passive radiator of the same size. The sub can reproduce sounds up to 20Hz. Power – 250W. The model was equipped with standard controls (phase, crossover frequency, volume).

Canton Townus

Among other things, Canton drew attention to the gold-plated terminals, magnetic grills, and natural veneer finishes. Three cabinet options are offered: white, black lacquer and walnut.

Prices for Germany: Townus 90 floor standing speakers will cost 1,300 euros apiece, Townus 50 central channel speaker – 700 euros, Townus 30 shelves – 550 euros, Townus 10 wall speaker – 400 euros, AR-5 Dolby Atmos module – 400 euros , subwoofer – 1,350 euros.

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