xMEMS has developed a piezo-MEMS headphone emitter

XMEMS introduced the Montara emitter — a piezo microelectro-mechanical element designed for installation in a variety of headphones, from fully wireless to overhead. According to the developers, this is the first real MEMS emitter in the world, created in a monolithic way, which eliminates the need for calibration and selection of paired emitters by parameters. In addition, it is prepared for surface mounting. The emitter plays from 20Hz to 20kHz, is protected from dust, water and shock according to the IP57 standard, and is primarily aimed at the ever-growing market for compact audio equipment. According to company representatives, the emitter is designed for water-proof fully wireless headphones — it will replace large dynamic drivers with relatively massive coils and arrays of armature emitters. It is claimed that the MEMS emitter will then “revolutionize” smartphones, and then appear in home audio equipment and in cars.

“With the growing consumption of audio content on the run — all kinds of streaming services, podcasts, videos, audiobooks and games — the desire of consumers to listen to high-quality sound and charge their devices as rarely as possible is growing,” said the head of xMEMS, Joseph Chiang.

— Our revolutionary Montara will change the rules of the game: it combines high sound quality, compactness, low power consumption and consistent performance that is not available for classic dynamic emitters or hybrid emitters.”The dimensions are really small: if the thickness is less than 1mm, the volume of the emitter is 50 mm3, while the maximum sound pressure is 115dB. Currently, xMEMS plans to release two versions of the speaker: a standard version has already been developed, and a side-radiating version will be released soon. Manufacturers have already received test samples of the radiator, and the start of mass production is scheduled for early 2021.

Source: audioxpress.com