Sempersonus unveils Shaknspin turntable knock meter

With the compact Shaknspin instrument, turntable owners will be able to check the nameplate data of their turntables. It was presented by experts from the Portuguese company Sempersonus, whose main products are just the same turntables.

Shaknspin measures basic knock levels (disc rotation irregularities), also known as Wow & Flutter (W&F). To do this, the device records the position of the disc at a frequency of 500 times per second, using a sensor with nine degrees of freedom.

Sempersonus Shaknspin turntable knock meter

Shaknspin’s disk rotation speed is almost instantaneous. After 8 seconds, the instrument records a complete set of parameters, including average speed, deviations, changes in maximum / minimum speed with a high-pass filter, W&F parameter according to DIN and WRMS-weighted, peak-to-peak time, modulation frequency and jitter (change average speed per second).

Shaknspin transmits all these data via Bluetooth to the owner’s smartphone, where a file of measurement results in CSV format is formed from them. A special Excel template will allow you to present all this in the form of graphs on your computer. A similar opportunity was provided for a smartphone. In addition, the file can be sent to the creators of Shaknspin – they collect general statistics of such measurements.

The Shaknspin cost for Europe was €250 (including shipping).

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