The most expensive album on Discogs cost $41,095

The largest sales service and the Discogs database has published another list of hundreds of the most expensive releases purchased on the resource. This time the record set by Prince’s Black Album buyer in 2018 fell.

Moreover, the then reached amount of $ 27,500, the new record was almost doubled. He now owns the album “Choose Your Weapon” by British DJ Scaramanga Silk. The release was released in 2008, and in 2021, one set sold for $41,095.

The most expensive album on Discogs cost $41,095

For this money, the buyer received a brand new 12-inch vinyl disc with a CD-version. Demand for “Choose Your Weapon” is not massive: five Discogs users would like to buy the edition – three already have it. The album was published at the expense of the author in a circulation of only 20 copies. The kit sold on Discogs was numbered 2.

Scaramanga Silk’s first full-length album, Designer Scribble, was released on Micro Spiral in 2016. It’s now also available on Discogs, but at a much more humane price.

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