ORIOLUS equipment for tuning enthusiasts

The brand, owned by the Japanese company Cyrus Co., Ltd., released a portable headphone amplifier BA20 and a mobile DAC BD20. Recommended prices in Japan are 32,000 yen (290$) and 47,000 yen (430$).

Ba20 amplifier – with two outputs (asymmetric 3.5 mm and balanced 4.4 mm). The kit includes a set of replaceable DCS and discrete transistors that allow you to change the nature of the sound of the device. The gain can be changed by switching to three positions. Output power of 2 x 220 mW at 32 ohms, supported load impedance of 8-600 Ohms. Power – from the built-in battery, which has enough charge for 15 hours of operation,or an external power supply. Dimensions 132 × 56 × 21 mm, weight 180 g. Color-only black.

The BD20 DAC is built on an ESS ES9038Pro chip, the USB Interface is based on the XMOS platform, and supports PCM signals up to 32 bit/768 kHz, DSD512, and DXD 352.8 kHz. The operational amplifiers in the output stages are installed in “cots” for easy replacement.

Digital inputs: USB Type-C (OTG), optical and coaxial. Outputs: asymmetric 3.5 mm and balanced 4.4 mm. The built-in battery charge lasts for 10 hours of operation. Dimensions 56 × 21 × 132 mm, weight 175 g, available only in black.