Zakk Sabbath “Vertigo” – a tribute to the fiftieth anniversary of the legendary rock album

After the release of Black Sabbath’s debut album in 1970, the history of rock music changed forever. Star tribute band Zakk Sabbath recorded a new version of the album for the anniversary.

Usually such teams consist of novice musicians, but not in the case of Zakk Sabbath! It brought together real stars-guitarist and vocalist Zakk Wylde (Zakk Wylde), who played for many years with Ozzy Osbourne, bassist Blasko (Blasko), who also performed with Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie, and drummer Joey Castillo (Joey Castillo), a former member of Danzig and Queens of the Stone Age. The original tracks of the first Black Sabbath album were re-recorded and mixed, taking into account that this album will only be released on vinyl, it will not be available on music services. The record was recorded in the same way as the original, that is, live in the Studio. The release is scheduled for September 4, 2020, with an estimated price of $25.

Track listing of Zakk Sabbath’s “Vertigo” album:
Black Sabbath
The Wizard
Wasp / Behind The Wall Of Sleep / N.I.B.
Wicked World
A Bit Of Finger / Sleeping Village / Warning