Clones Audio unveils 25iRX audiophile full amplifier

The Hong Kong firm Clones Audio has expanded its catalog with the 25iRX integrated amplifier. The device received a set of proprietary technologies and updated circuits.

The company has focused on a massive 6061 aluminum chassis. Clones Audio also noted that the preamp is based on the AP2, which features a fully discrete circuitry and ultra-low noise.

Clones Audio 25iRX

The developers also emphasized the presence of three RCA inputs with gold plating and universal speaker terminals with the ability to connect connectors-banana, spatula or bare wire.

Clones Audio 25iRX

Clones Audio 25iRX amplifiers are custom-assembled by hand. For the US, the cost was approximately $1,700.

30W + 30W into 8 ohms or 60W + 60W into 4 ohms
Input impedance: 100K
Gain: 30 dB
Dimensions: 190x170x130mm
Weight: 6 kg