KEF Ventura 5 and Ventura 6 Outdoor protected outdoor speakers with branded Technology

KEF Ventura 5 and Ventura 6 outdoor acoustics have been designed for any weather and any harsh environment. The manufacturer promised that the Ventura speakers will be able to operate smoothly and with high-quality corporate sound.

Despite a number of the indicated features and advantages of the new speakers, their main feature is protected cases and special “all-weather” filling. According to KEF, Ventura will be able to work safely even near water.

KEF Ventura 5 and Ventura 6

For example, speakers must withstand constant marine humidity, which would quickly deteriorate “normal” speakers. The manufacturer emphasized that Ventura will fit not only for the yard, terrace, local area, but also for the yacht, if there is the appropriate equipment. Protection meets IP65 standard.

In terms of sound, KEF said the outdoor Ventura was based on technology used to make high-end home speakers. Both models are two-way speakers with 25mm tweeters that feature aluminum cones and are liquid-cooled. The midrange woofers are also based on the speakers that KEF uses in their home cabinet speakers.

KEF Ventura 5 and Ventura 6

The Ventura 5 model received a 130 mm emitter, and the older Ventura 6 is equipped with a 160 mm driver. The declared sensitivity was 89 dB for the junior speaker and 90 dB for the senior one. The frequency range of the Ventura 6 is from 54 Hz to 20 kHz, the Ventura 5 is slightly more modest – from 60 Hz.

Both speakers can be installed with steel brackets. The acoustics can be installed both vertically and horizontally (the logo is rotatable). There are white and black colors.

KEF Ventura 5

In Europe, Ventura 5 cost 400 euros, and Ventura 6 – 500 euros.

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