Canor PH 2.10: new version of tube phonostage

Canor has announced a new version of its all-tube phonostage, which allows simultaneous connection of MM and MC cartridges. The Canor PH 2.10 phonostage is based on the branded CMT technology (Canor PCB Milling Technology) and uses the minimum number of amplification stages required to apply purely passive equalization.

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The amplifying stages of the novelty are made on a pair of 12AX7 double triodes and a pair of 12AT7 double triodes without common feedback. The RIAA correction is performed by a completely passive circuit using only high quality polystyrene and polypropylene capacitors. In the design of the proprietary power transformer, special measures are taken to minimize both electrical interference and noise, as well as mechanical vibrations. For example, the transformer is completely filled with a special anti-vibration compound and placed in a solid metal casing that provides complete shielding. The primary and secondary windings of the transformer are separated by a copper foil shield with 50% overlap.

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The Canor PH 2.10 phonostage is suitable for use with a wide range of MC and MM cartridges thanks to its gain control and choice of impedances and capacitances. The input impedance for moving coil heads can be set to 10, 20, 40, 80, 150, 300, 600 and 1200 ohms, and for moving magnet cartridges, you can select capacities in the range of 50, 150, 270, 370, 520, 620 , 740, 840 pF. All of these settings can be made using the front panel controls. The phonostage provides 47 dB gain for MM heads and 71 dB for MC heads. At the same time, the distortion factor does not exceed 0.2% / 1 V RMS for both types of cartridges. The MC input is a high quality Lundahl step-up transformer.

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The Canor PH 2.10 is now available for £3,499 / €3,499.

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