Cabasse The Pearl Sub – wireless subwoofer with built-in streamer

The French company Cabasse has supplemented its line of coaxial speaker systems with the active subwoofer The Pearl Sub, the design of which largely repeats that of the wireless speakers of the same name.

Cabasse The Pearl Sub

The main difference is that only a woofer with a 250 mm diameter carbon fiber cone is installed inside. The declared frequency range is from 14 to 180 Hz, and the maximum sound pressure level reaches 112 dB. A built-in amplifier with a power of 1000 watts helps to provide these indicators.

Cabasse The Pearl Sub

Curiously, the amplifiers that drive the tweeters and midrange speakers in The Pearl have not gone anywhere. The two 300-watt modules in Cabasse The Pearl Sub are designed to amplify passive speakers in a 2.1 configuration. At the moment, The Pearl Sub is only offered in the following branded bundles:

1x The Pearl Sub + 2x IO 3 – 3790 euros
1x The Pearl Sub + 2x Riga 2 – 6890 euro
1x The Pearl Sub + 2x Baltic 5 – 9990 euros

Cabasse The Pearl Sub

The user thus receives a ready-made stereo system with built-in electronics, namely a network amplifier with a wireless streamer and the ability to physically connect analog and digital signal sources. If Cabasse decides to sell The Pearl Sub separately, the price is estimated to be around 2,500 euro.

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