CrystalConnect Art cables with Infinite Crystal Silver conductors named after great artists

CrystalConnect has unveiled its flagship Art. According to company representatives, they are created in three levels, named after great artists. Art Cables were among the first products since the announcement of the company’s name change – it will finally take effect by early December.

The first level of the Art series cables was named Monet, followed by Van Gogh and the upper level – da Vinci. At the senior level, only RCA and XLR analog speaker and interconnect cables, as well as power cables are presented. The Monet level is complemented by USB and LAN cables. Van Gogh cables also include phono cartridge models in TAC 5, RCA and XLR versions.

CrystalConnect Art

The ideology of Art cables allows you to combine models of different versions. According to the company, they use structural and insulating materials in an architecture designed to ensure low loss.

The Art series cables use proprietary Infinite Crystal Silver conductors, which allegedly reduced the number of conductors. According to CrystalConnect, the new products have reduced their own capacity and neutralized distortion.

CrystalConnect Art

All CrystalConnect Art cables use an asymmetrical grounding system. Monet interconnects use three earth conductors, up to nine for van Gogh and 15 for da Vinci. Kapton supplemented with PTEE was used as the main insulation.

Each cable comes with an NFC proximity tag that allows you to authenticate with the CrystalConnect app and extend your warranty. The Art series logo, cable name and serial number are engraved on the casings of the cable modules.

CrystalConnect Art

The Art series cables are scheduled for release on December 1st. New items are already available for pre-order. The price will be determined depending on the chosen model and its parameters in the course of personal correspondence with CrystalConnect.