Design turntable by Cameron Bresn: tangential tonearm in ash and steel cover

Cameron Bresn, a Los Angeles-based designer, unveiled the TTMAC77 concept vinyl player. The body of this art object is made of bent ash plywood and stainless steel. The aesthetics of the TTMAC77 is unique, if only because Bresn managed to overcome the inertia of thinking and positioned the tangential tonearm “not like everyone else”.

The guides on which the movable shell with the cartridge slides pass along the edge of the folding ash cover. In working condition, it leaves open almost half of the rotating 12-inch plate-you can admire the device.

Design turntable by Cameron Bresn

Unfortunately, Cameron Bresn has not yet revealed the technical details of TTMAC77. Judging by the low height of the case and its compactness, we can assume that direct drive is used here. But it is not clear how the tonearm cable runs, what principle its linear drive and tracking system work on.

Design turntable by Cameron Bresn

It is clear that the price of the new product, as well as the timing of its appearance on sale is also unknown-and it is not a fact that the concept in principle will ever be implemented in reality.

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