REL introduced the T/9x, T/7x and T/5x subwoofers with updated emitters and housings

The new REL subwoofers T/x series is unveiled today, consisting of three models: the T/5x entry-level, T/7x mid-level and the flagship T/9x.

The company explained that the new series is the next step in development. Fresh models received updated amplifiers, cabinets and radiators.

The largest and most productive model T/9x (from 27 Hz) should be equally good at handling both music and movies. The sub was equipped with a 10-inch active radiator on the front panel and a passive one aimed at the floor.

REL subwoofer

The T/7x model (from 30 Hz) is made in the same configuration, but the main speaker has a diameter of 8 inches (passive-10 inches). The junior T/5x (from 32 Hz) received only one active down-pointing emitter per 8 inches.

All three new products are distinguished by FibreAlloy speakers and suspension systems with increased travel. To make the subwoofers feel confident at any volume and in any room, the engineers have provided steel bases. The case received a five-layer coating.

The company paid special attention to the filters, which were configured for a more “clean, detailed and transparent sound”. The same filters are used in the S-series.

REL subwoofer

As for the gain, all three subs of the T/x series received branded A/B-class modules. The power of the flagship model T/9x was 300W, T/7x-200W, T/5x-125W.

If we talk about switching, the REL subwoofers are equipped with Neutrik Speakon connectors, low-level inputs and LFE. For wireless connection, you will need an additional proprietary REL Arrow module.

In the UK market, the T/9x was priced at £1,300, the T/7x was priced at £1,000, and the T/5x is available at £650.

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