Nordost Odin 2+ audiophile phono cable: four monofilament high purity silver-plated copper

Nordost has introduced the Odin 2+ Supreme Reference Level Arm Cable. The company positions the novelty as “an ideal solution for audiophiles”. The signal in the cable is carried over four 23 AWG silver-plated strands of OFC copper with a purity rating of 99.999999%.

The manufacturer has promised a significant increase in signal speed. To protect against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference and interference, continuous insulated shielding using proprietary TSC (Total Signal Control) technology with a pair of removable silver-plated grounding pins is used. The positioning of the cores in the screen is provided by a double monofilament “suspension”.

The Nordost Odin 2 Tonearm Cable+ is precisely tailored to the proprietary resonance concept. The cable can be equipped with Nordost’s patented straight HOLO connectors: PLUG, lightweight 5-pin Din, RCA or specially designed XLR angled connectors.

The Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + is priced at US $13,000 for the 125cm version.

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