Pro-Ject RS Uni 1-Way TT Power Supply: 15V linear power supply for heavy-duty turntables

The Austrian company Pro-Ject has released the Power Box RS Uni 1-Way TT. This is a universal high-power power supply that is designed for the company’s models operating on 15V DC.

The power of the new product is designed to work with players that have particularly heavy disks. Among them are such players as Pro-Ject RPM 9 and RPM 10, Signature 10 and Signature 12, as well as Xtension 9, Xtension 10 and Xtension 12. However, the new product with a margin will ensure the operation of other Pro-Ject players with a power supply voltage of 15 V DC.

Pro-Ject Power Box RS Uni 1-Way TT

The RS Uni 1-Way TT from Pro-Ject is built around a powerful toroidal transformer. He received a copper foil shielding between the primary and secondary windings, stopping the transmission of network interference.

In the circuit of the linear source, low-impedance capacitors with a total capacity of 10,000 UF were used. In addition, the soft-start system will avoid voltage surges caused by transients when switching on.

Pro-Ject Power Box RS Uni 1-Way TT

The new product is available in a black or silver case 201x72x195 mm and is equipped with a Pro-Ject cable Connect its RS Power Supply.

In Austria, the Pro-Ject Power Box RS Uni 1-Way TT will cost 450 euros.

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