Auris Audio unveils Tangenta Hawk tonearm with American walnut tube

The Serbian company Auris Audio, known for its samples of classic Hi-Fi technologies, will launch the production of Tangenta Hawk tonearms. They were created by Slobodan Petrovic, nicknamed Hawk – hence the last word in the name. He has a long friendship with Auris Audio founder and CEO Miki Trosic.

Having serious experience in the repair and modernization of vinyl players, Slobodan Petrovich has already developed several successful designs of his own. At the same time, the Tangenta Hawk tonearm will be only their first joint project with Auris Audio.

Auris Audio Tangenta Hawk tonearm

The Auris Tangenta Hawk, as shown in the photographs, is crafted from 24K gold plated brass. In total, the entire structure weighs a little less than 2 kg. Arm tube material – American walnut.

In total, the novelty will be released in three versions of different materials and four sizes: 9, 10, 12 and 14 inches. It provides 10mm VTA and 6 ° azimuth adjustments. Gold plated output connectors can be replaced with silver WBT connectors.

Auris Audio Tangenta Hawk tonearm

In the US, the Auris Tangenta HAWK tonearm will cost between $600 and $18,000, depending on size and modification.

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