La Sound Corium cables: pure silver in embossed genuine leather

The Corium cables of the Italian company La Sound are a luxury product designed, according to the company, for exclusive customers. These cables use conductors made of pure silver (AG 99.99% 4N) in insulation made of teflon and polyethylene foam. The outer shell of the Corium cables is hand-woven from embossed strips of genuine leather.

The cables are based on single-core conductors with cross sections of 16AWG, 21 AWG and 23 AWG, made by continuous casting at La Sound. The company believes that in this way it was possible to improve the dynamics and transmission of the low-frequency range. Designs with one or more types of shielding minimized noise and interference.

According to La Sound, despite the use of silver (there is an opinion that it gives the sound excessive brightness), Corium cables are neutral over the entire range, allowing you to transmit a very large amount of information. The company is also ready to change the design of the cable on a special order.

La Sound Corium cables

The Corium line now includes speaker cables, single-ended Phono interconnect and RCA interconnect cables, balanced XLR interconnect cables, power cables, USB cables, and AES/EBU cables. Soon, the Corium line will be replenished with LAN cables.

Prices for each of the Corium cables, after specifying the type and length, should be checked with the manufacturer.

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