Denafrips Apollo: balanced class AB on discrete elements

Vinshine Audio has started accepting pre-orders for the Denafrips Apollo stereo receiver. This is an improved version of the Hyperion model. The novelty is completely assembled on discrete elements in a balanced scheme and works in class AB.

Apollo will provide 2 x 225 watts per speaker with a resistance of 8 ohms. On a 4-ohm load, the power will increase exactly twice, the dynamic range exceeds 120 dB, and the KNI is promised in the region of 0.002%.

Denafrips Apollo

Manufacturers promised the novelty a victory over the most difficult-to-control acoustics. For this purpose, a 2,000 VA toroidal transformer in a copper screen is installed in the center of the symmetrical housing layout. It provides power to 16 pairs of bipolar transistors in each of the two channels. To increase efficiency, Schottky diodes are used in the power supply.

Denafrips Apollo is enclosed in a large body made of black or silver metal with powerful fins on the sides. The company will start sending out pre-orders in early February – late March.

Denafrips Apollo

In addition, Vinshine Audio stated that since the Apollo weighs 55 kg, transporting the device back and forth for repair or maintenance is not economically feasible. Therefore, the warranty only covers replacement parts. They will be sent to the location of the amplifier if a replacement is required.

The price of Denafrips Apollo is 5 000 Singapore dollars, which at the exchange rate will be approximately $3750.

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