Bose announced noise canceling earbuds 500 and Bose Noise Earbuds 700

Bose, a specialist in active noise reduction, announced on its website the appearance of the TWS 500 and 700-th versions of the earbuds. The Bose website says that both models should appear this year. At the same time, the 500th was promised by last Christmas. Then their appearance was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and /or due to circumstances that Bose called a protracted product development process.
The next classic moment of new products entering the market is “Black Friday”. Judging by the photo, the 500s will get the traditional design options for Bose headphones in a combination of black and dark gray colors. Promised “work from one charge during the day”. In addition, you can expect that the IPX4 standard (for SoundSport Free), for example, will be replaced by IP57 protection.

As for the 700 model, the Bose website provided only a graphic sketch and General information. The headphones will have intuitive touch control, and a choice of virtual assistant will be available. Included is a charging case.

At the same time, information leaks were also not canceled. In the middle of the month, a video appeared on Youtube, no less, of unpacking these headphones (so it says in the title). The only thing that can be said about this is that the headphones presented in the frame really look like a sketch.

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