Gryphon presented the StandArt furniture series

The Danish company Gryphon has offered a series of furniture and stands for Hi-Fi components. The novelties under the general name StandArt are primarily addressed to the owners of the company’s products, but are compatible with other components as well.

All Gryphon StandArt models are assembled on the basis of two elements. The first is panels made of three-layer damped sandwich. Their top layer is made from Kerrock composite, a mixture of one part acrylic resin and two parts natural minerals. The bottom one is a high density MDF board. Between them is a layer of viscous bitumen. The mechanical parameters of the components are matched to effectively suppress vibration.

Gryphon StandArt

The second structural element of StandArt products is aluminum columns filled with calcined sand. They were offered in three heights (548 mm, 800 mm and 1,124 mm).

All Gryphon StandArt stands are equipped with Gryphon Black Spike ST adjustable support tips to suit different surfaces. The modular design of StandArt stands is said to make it possible to assemble an option to fit almost any or multiple Gryphon models – and more.

Gryphon StandArt

In the European market, the Model 1124 rack with four legs and four shelves will cost 8,800 euros. A Side-by-side rack with six legs and four shelves costs 8,950 euros.