Lyngdorf CS-1: compact full range loudspeaker for horizontal installation in furniture shelves

Lyngdorf introduced the CS-1 shelf acoustics. The maximum dimension of these shelves is not that small – 42 cm, but they are specially designed to work in a horizontal position.

The acoustic properties of the CS-1s are said to allow them to be undemanding to their surroundings. They can be conveniently placed in furniture shelves – for example, under the TV. The full-range sound spectrum (promised a lower frequency limit of 42 Hz with -3 dB unevenness) will make it possible to do without a subwoofer.

Lyngdorf CS-1

The bass reflex port Lyngdorf CS-1 is located on the front panel. It is positioned symmetrically with the one-inch dome tweeter, for which there is a protruding platform that “turns” the tweeter towards the listener. In the center of the front panel of the CS-1 is a 6.5-inch bass-midrange driver. Together they can handle up to 100 watts.

Lyngdorf CS-1

The Lyngdorf CS-1 comes in a matte black MDF case. Its increased rigidity contributes to fidelity, especially at high volumes. There is no grill for these speakers.

In Europe, Lyngdorf CS-1 acoustics can already be purchased for 540 euros.