Luca Yupanqui recorded the album “Sounds Of The Unborn” before her own birth

Young American Luca Yupanqui (Luca Yupanqui) has not even gone to kindergarten, and has already managed to announce her first music album. This was taken care of by the girl’s parents. And they did not force the child to work in the studio, and did not even ask her to sing and dance for the camera — mom and dad just recorded how Luka moved during intrauterine development. In general, Luka did not know that she was recording an album. It just happened.

The girl’s father, being a musician and a lover of experimental art, came up with the idea that you can record a Bow with the help of a special ultrasonic MIDI technology, which eventually allowed you to turn the data into a normal sound perceived by the human ear. A special ultrasound medical device and synthesizer were used for recording.

I must say, Luca’s dad is very passionate about psychedelic rock, so his daughter’s album turned out to be appropriate. The parents spent about 5 hours on the recording, but the processing of the tracks took much longer.

The album was called “Sounds Of The Unborn”. It was promoted by the Sacred Bones label. The release was scheduled for April 2.

Luca will release his first album on vinyl and CD. For a regular longplay, you will be asked for $17, for a Deluxe edition you will have to pay $23, and a CD will cost $21. If someone is interested in such unusual music, then pre-order is already open.

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