Bon Jovi dedicates new song to George Floyd, murdered in the USA

Popular American rock band Bon Jovi wrote the song “American Reckoning” and dedicated it to the bright memory of African-American George Floyd and the anti-racist protests that swept the USA, writes Rolling Stone. According to band leader Jon Bon Jovi, the song is a reaction of the musicians to Floyd’s death and the protests that followed it.

The lyrics of “American Reckoning” describe the last moments of George Floyd’s life. It contains the phrase “I can’t breathe” more than once, which is what an African-American man said when a police officer put his knee on his throat. It has become a symbol of anti-racism protesters.

The song “American Reckoning” will be part of the new album Bon Jovi 2020, which is scheduled for release in the fall of this year. The premiere was supposed to take place earlier, but it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.