Google will release a new version of the Nest smart speaker

Google confirmed work on a new version of the smart home speaker Nest, publishing official photos and even videos — on the same day that unofficial leaked to the network.

The column both in size and design resembles a cross between the previous version of Nest and the large Google Home. It is designed to work in a vertical position — it has a rubberized platform at the bottom. There are several color options — gray-blue and pale pink. Nothing is said about the functionality of the new product, but it is clear from the video that it will be possible to build a stereo pair from the two new Nest.

According to Google, the Nest team is currently developing a new column remotely. There is no release date yet — apparently, development is in full swing. Now in the company’s catalog are listed speakers Nest Mini, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max – judging by the dimensions (a little more than 20cm in height and about 15cm in width), the new Nest will take place in the middle of the model range.