Violectric HPA V550 and HPA V550 PRO Headphone Amplifiers: Seven gain levels and preamp functions

The German brand Violectric is owned by Lake People Electronic, a company known for its studio audio equipment. So the Violectric HPA V550 headphone amplifier (it is also released in the HPA V550 PRO version) got a lot of features from professional circuitry.

First of all, this is an increased supply voltage: It allowed the HPA V550 to work with high-resistance headphone models. The owner of the amplifier can choose one of seven stages of the signal level under the impedance of their headphones. The jumper switches are located on the rear panel of the case.

Violectric HPA V550 and HPA V550 PRO Headphone Amplifiers

There are also input connectors: two pairs of unbalanced RCA and a pair of balanced XLR. The amplifier received an input selector and an adjustable line output — also in a balanced and unbalanced version. All this will allow you to use the HPA V550 as a pre-amplifier.

To connect headphones on the front panel, there are three connectors at once: two outputs for a classic 6.3 mm jack and one balanced 4-pin XLR. The circuit provides protection of the headphones from constant voltage and overload.

Violectric HPA V550 and HPA V550 PRO Headphone Amplifiers

The Alps RK 27 motorized potentiometer is responsible for volume control in the HPA V550. Another such component is responsible for the balance. The version of the Violectric HPA V550 PRO differs from the usual one in that here the volume control is implemented in a circuit of reed relays, designed for 256 steps.

Both innovations in Violectric called their best achievements in the field of analog balance circuitry. Both received externally indistinguishable cases with front panels made of 8 mm aluminum.

Violectric HPA V550 and HPA V550 PRO Headphone Amplifiers

For remote control of the HPA V550, you can use the supplied remote control. It will certainly come in handy when working as a pre-amp, and owners of long headphone cables will also not seem superfluous.

In Germany, the Violectric HPA V550 model will cost 2,400 euros, and the HPA V550 PRO will cost 3,000 euros.

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