Pillartech Audio Isopoint S-8 Dampers: it’s all about ceramic balls

The Hungarian company Pillartech Audio has released IsopointS-8 vibration dampers. Their load capacity is greater than that of the previous version, IsopointS-6.

Pillartech Audio Isopoint S-8 Dampers

The main detail and know-how of these supports are ceramic balls. Three of these balls are placed in spherical wells of a massive base made of Perunal aluminum alloy. On top of them rests a part of the same material. The diameter of one ball is 10 mm, and the entire support of the Isopoint S-8 — 80 mm.

Such a system made of practically incompressible ceramics and relatively pliable metal is able, according to Pillartech, to effectively extinguish harmful vibrations. And not only semiconductor and tube audio components, but also acoustics, for example, monitor speakers.

Pillartech Audio Isopoint S-8 Dampers

The precision of the geometry of the Isopoint S-8 parts is achieved by CNC machining. The novelty is able to protect devices weighing up to 100 kg from vibration.

The price of the Pillartech Audio Isopoint S-8 damping supports in Europe is 174 euros per piece.

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