Vision Ears suggested draconizing Erlkönig headphones with Dragonskin overlays

Vision Ears has proposed another version of the earpieces for Erlkönig headphone casings.

Vision Ears Erlkönig Dragonskin overlays

The Erlkönig design provides for replaceable body plates – and from time to time Vision Ears offers another version of such a plate.

This time, the exclusive limited Dragonskin faceboards will allow, as Vision Ears put it, to “draconize” Erlkönig. The overlay is made of real leather with a silver frame. Natural origin guarantees the uniqueness of each such accessory, so that each pair will be one of a kind.

Vision Ears Erlkönig Dragonskin overlays

The linings fit the original Erlkönig and their limited edition black version. In total, Vision Ears intend to release 25 pairs of Dragonskin, collecting orders for them within 24 hours. The cost of one set in Germany will be 360 euro.