Dekoni Earplugz: uniform -21dB for hearing protection

Dekoni Audio introduced the Earplugz earplugs based on Gemini Bulletz in-ear earplugs. This spring, we already talked about the earbuds for Apple AirPods Pro, which Dekoni released in the Bulletz series. This time it’s not just about earbuds, but about a hearing protection device that Dekoni Audio specialists have created in collaboration with Lucid Audio and Etymotic. The design of the novelty is based on the noise-canceling silicone Etymotic ER20XS.

Earplugz – Memory foam earplugs for a comfortable fit in the ear canal. They reduce the sound pressure in the entire audible range by 21 dB. Moreover, according to Dekoni Audio, this reduction is “almost the same” at all frequencies. That is, the nature of the sound in the ears with Earplugz does not change. Only the volume changes: the amplitude of sound vibrations, and hence the vibrations of the eardrum, decreases approximately 40 times.

Dekoni Earplugz

The creators recommended using Earplugz earplugs in a variety of situations: from a rock concert, where the volume can exceed 105 dB, to long-term work with a gas mower (90 dB). In addition, Earplugz are suitable for Etymotic IEM headphones, although no one seems to have canceled the headphone volume control.

The Dekoni Bulletz Earplugz kit includes one pair of each size (Small, Medium and Large) in a black aluminum case with a snap hook. It is suggested to wash the earplugs with water and a little dishwashing liquid. The manufacturer has indicated the product’s lifespan is approximately 3–6 weeks, depending on use. Then the plugs are proposed to be replaced with new ones. In the US, the Earplugz kit will cost $30.