Russ Andrews SuperSockets II: Wall Sockets for British Hi-Fi

British audio accessories brand Russ Andrews has unveiled the updated SuperSockets. At this time, only the version for connectors type BS 1363 is presented. They are designed to provide the best contact for powering the Hi-Fi system.

Russ Andrews himself, chairman of the board, said: “Ideally, we would all need to replace the wiring in our homes with higher quality cable, but this is not always possible, so one of the easiest improvements to make is is to install quality wall sockets. “

Russ Andrews SuperSocket II is a double socket, available in two versions: with and without ground contact. Both modifications received contact groups made of resilient brass, treated with a proprietary organic solution DeoxIT Contact Enhancer.

Russ Andrews SuperSockets II

According to Russ Andrews, this substance forms a protective layer on the metal surface, which prevents oxidation for a long time and ensures the best contact. SuperSockets II are marketed as a DIY component, but the manufacturer still recommends using a qualified electrician for all electrical work.

In terms of prices, in the UK, a dual SuperSocket II socket without a grounding lug will cost £27, and with a lug £10 more.

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