Center channel acoustics Atlantic Technology 8600eC: 93 dB sensitivity and three sound settings

Atlantic Technology (USA) has released the 8600eC center channel acoustics. This model continues the ideology of the 8600eLR floor standing speakers, which we have already talked about. The company highlighted the good home theater compatibility of these speakers thanks to the D’Appolito MTM (midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer) array.

This configuration houses the 8600eC speakers with an inch tweeter in the center. The aluminum-magnesium tweeter is complemented by a pair of top and bottom 5.25-inch midrange tweeters – in the same geometry as the 8600eLR floor standing speakers. Two pairs of 6.5-inch woofers are arranged horizontally.

Atlantic Technology 8600eC

This arrangement has improved acoustic consistency, according to Atlantic Technology. The 8600eC mid and bass drivers, each with a fiberglass composite cone, are housed in separate sealed compartments in a rugged MDF housing. The signal between the speakers is distributed by a Linkwitz-Riley filter (4th order).

As a result, the 8600eC was able to show a sensitivity of 93 dB, and this is at a recommended amplifier power of 25-200 W RMS. The 8600eC is positioned by the manufacturer as a center channel speaker for large rooms.

Atlantic Technology 8600eC

In addition, the novelty was equipped with its own sound character controls. The 3-position High Frequency Energy switch changes not only the volume, but also the slope of the frequency response of the tweeter. The Location Selector adjusts the high-mid range response to compensate for speaker placement behind drapes or screens. The Boundary Compensation control affects the mid and low frequency range.

The 8600eC center channel speaker is already available in the US in gloss black or Makassar Ebony polished lacquered veneer for $2,300.