Dune and Warp preamp streamers received Roon Ready certificates

German firm has announced that its audiophile Dune and Warp streamer preamps have received Roon Ready certification. In honor of this event, each buyer of the designated devices was promised a year of Roon subscription and a year of music with Qobuz Studio Premier or Tidal HiFi.

The Dune and Warp models feature fully balanced circuits with 256 steps of R2R volume control. According to the manufacturer, the devices have all the necessary relevant functions, and can also operate in UPnP mode and as USB DACs. Dune and Warp Dune and Warp

Both preamps have turntable jacks. Dual mono-chips Saber ES9038PRO are responsible for digit conversion.

The company placed particular emphasis on design: both models are made of machined aluminum on processor-controlled machines. used proprietary controls (the Warp model uses a special ball-shaped volume control) and Amoled displays.

Roon certification means full compliance with the high standards set by this program and the ability to reproduce Hi-Res (at least PCM 24 bit / 384 kHz and DSD).